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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Game Review: Dragon's Age Origins + Awakening +Witch Hunt

Yeah so I've been on a RPG  kick.

The only reason I had played Dragon Age Origins, DAO was because my brother told me it was close to Witcher 2 (I was going through withdrawals lol)
So I had decided to give it a shot, I loved that you could do basic customization. Such as fem/male, class, background, races etc.

And depending on the choice you made with your character would alter the way the story played out.
I had chosen to start off as a female noble and loved my background story. It was something relate-able (not that something like that will happen to my family since the US doesn't have any nobles, but if it was I could relate to the choices I had made in game)
So there can't help but to bit a bit of an emotional connection to the story that is play out.

The premise is that you become a Warden, a tight knit group created with the sole purpose of defeating the darkspawn and due to unfortunate circumstances you and another warden named Alistair are the only wardens to protect this part of the land along with a mage, Morrigan.

From there your choice play and cause and effect, Thus something is always on the line making the decisions a bit more difficult. Well for me it did, maybe cause I'm a softy and want to help everyone.

You are able to gain additional party members by recruiting them when you meet them in the story.

You are able to have romantic relationships with all options available, you know fem+ male, fem+fem, male+male so something for everyone. but I do believe some characters are bound to the orientation they are, EX Alistair is a straight dude so he will have romance options for female wardens only (even thought I did hear there is a way for male +male with him , you google that)

Now there is a clear FAST LANE to get from beginning to end of the game however it's not restricted you can take on many of the side quest to make your gaming experience all the more better.

As for endings, there are various ending that can occur depending on your decisions which is why I loved DAO, It made me want to play again to see the other endings.

In the end, my female warden became Queen of Ferelden along side King Alistair and I was content with that.

Final Verdict:
Fucking loved it, if you can buy ultimate edition on steam to get the most out of the story.

NOTE: awakening and other DLC don't really do much, it might be easier saving the 15 dollars per DLC( if you didn't buy the ultimate editions) and just youtube the story.
- Game rated MATURE!

I can't wait for Dragon Age: Inquisition I heard that it will pull background from DAO but not your direct character. ( I didn't bother to play Dragon age 2 since I really didn't care for what I read on it)

If you didn't play DAO but want to customize your world for DAI then I think you can still do that by going to dragonagekeep, google it.

Game Review: Witcher 2

Another game I had picked up during steam sale was Witcher 2, recommended by my brother.

I didn't get Witcher 1 cause he said it sucked, so I can't speak for the first Witcher.

From the opening cutscene I was excited to play this game.
The cinematic was gruesomely beautiful. From the texture of the people to the magic effects it all looked great.
It left a bit of a cliff hanger that made me as a consumer what to know what is going on in this world.

After the cut-scene you are introduced to the witcher and who he is. Then go though the tutorial process, of course you can elect to skip all that.
Another plus for me when playing what that as a PC player I still had to option to use a gamepad. That was preset into the game itself.

I decided to use the gamepad and had no issue with it at all.
At first the game reminded me of Fable which would make sense since they are roughly the same genre.

But the story of the Witcher itself grabbed my attention. It had blood splatter, dragon's, crooked king/nobles, spirits, dwarves, elves, and demons. It had all of it just all of it. only thing it was missing was fairies KAKAKA

The gameplay was to me a bit complicated at first but it is something you can quickly get used to.

Final Verdict: 
I thoroughly enjoyed this game, hands down I loved it. And can't wait to further the story with Witcher 3.

Keep in mind, there are some adult scene (not raunchy but still something you might not want your 12 yr old to see, cause then you'd be explaining the birds and the bees, which I still don't get how do birds and bees get it on? or is it referring to something else? Sorry korean don't have a birds and bees explaination.)

Game Review: Magical Diary (Steam Game)

Hey guys so during my online hiatus, I've caught up on some games that I had lingering on my desktop. 

This article will be about Magical Diary, which is a virtual novel
If you are interested in playing it or just getting more info head over to the steam page ( and no, this isn't sponsors post)

When first purchasing the game I really wasn't thrilled with the design/illustration of the characters. 
The only thing I could give credit to was the background illustrations. 

Also no one can deny that in the game menu/lobby page the purple haired fellow's (yes, FELLOW) left hand isn't quite shaped right, but none the less this game had surprisingly good reviews.

The premise is that you play as a female freshmen entering a magical school. There you learn various types of magic that yield different spells that can aid you in the tests. All the while meeting new people that you develop relationships with some deeper than others. But all this of course remains at the PG, if you wanna push it PG-13 level.

There are a few romance options
- Damien
- Donald
- Prof. Grabiner
- "Big" Steve

- Virginia
- Ellen

For myself I chose to have my character pursue a relationship with Damien. And I wasn't disappointed. 
I'm not really a fan of virtual novel but I was pleasantly surprised with the Damien plot line. I can't say that it wasn't obvious but it wasn't so noticeable that it made me want to quick.

After playing all the way through, I found myself wanting more. 


Currently Magical Diary is sold for : 14.99 USD 
Which to me is honestly a bit much for a virtual novel. I personally bought when it was on steam sales (so if you can hold out still a sale comes along and have those few dollars)
I think I had gotten it for about 5 bucks so for that cost this game was TOTALLY WORTH. 

The story intrigued and captured me enough to stay with it.
It was a pleasure to read and would recommend for viewers would like to play something more relaxing. 

Note: There is a DEMO on steam if you want to give it a try 

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gemi Update

Hey guys LONG time no write, for real

Since we have so many outlets like youtube, and twitter, and facebook where it is easier to communicate. Sometime I forget to update the blog partially cause I'm lazy and partially because our world is moving to a more media age where all information is neatly packaged in video form, thus reading blog post, review are slowly, in my opinion phasing out.

I still wanted to update maybe just for my own diary purposes , HAHA public diary

I moved back to the south, too bad its not Florida where is warmer but I'm in Georgia now.
The move was truly an ordeal, had to do the move in two bulk of driving 16 hrs per trip.
It was grueling but now that it is done and over with, I had time to enjoy being in a place where everything around me is familiar.

I had recently started a Vlog Channel
talking about random happening as well as misc. videos that I feel don't belong in the gaming channel

Also I have a PO BOX now, This is the first one I ever had so I'm excited to have one. Feel free to send me letter or drawing , find the address in one of my videos

There are a plethora of videos I've uploaded on the gaming channel as well as Vlog.
so hard to list all of them.

New games I'm playing
- Elder Scroll Online
- Magical Diary (Sim game)

Which Elder Scrolls is Rocking my Socks , Such a good game with soo many thing to do.

Anyways I figured I'd give a quick life update
And try to update the blog more HAHA

laterz ~~~

Monday, December 30, 2013

DCUO Winter Season Event 2013

Sorry forgot to put this post up as well.

Think the seasonal even is still going on so get in on it before it goes away till next year.

here are all the screen shots of the items in vendor. its a long list so hold on tight LOL