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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gemi Update

Hey guys LONG time no write, for real

Since we have so many outlets like youtube, and twitter, and facebook where it is easier to communicate. Sometime I forget to update the blog partially cause I'm lazy and partially because our world is moving to a more media age where all information is neatly packaged in video form, thus reading blog post, review are slowly, in my opinion phasing out.

I still wanted to update maybe just for my own diary purposes , HAHA public diary

I moved back to the south, too bad its not Florida where is warmer but I'm in Georgia now.
The move was truly an ordeal, had to do the move in two bulk of driving 16 hrs per trip.
It was grueling but now that it is done and over with, I had time to enjoy being in a place where everything around me is familiar.

I had recently started a Vlog Channel
talking about random happening as well as misc. videos that I feel don't belong in the gaming channel

Also I have a PO BOX now, This is the first one I ever had so I'm excited to have one. Feel free to send me letter or drawing , find the address in one of my videos

There are a plethora of videos I've uploaded on the gaming channel as well as Vlog.
so hard to list all of them.

New games I'm playing
- Elder Scroll Online
- Magical Diary (Sim game)

Which Elder Scrolls is Rocking my Socks , Such a good game with soo many thing to do.

Anyways I figured I'd give a quick life update
And try to update the blog more HAHA

laterz ~~~

Monday, December 30, 2013

DCUO Winter Season Event 2013

Sorry forgot to put this post up as well.

Think the seasonal even is still going on so get in on it before it goes away till next year.

here are all the screen shots of the items in vendor. its a long list so hold on tight LOL